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Raashi Khanna Bra Size & Body Measurements

Raashi Khanna was born in 1969 in Mangalore, Karnataka and is said to be one of the most beautiful faces in Indian cinema. Raashi Khanna has gone through several surgeries and still looks strikingly beautiful. Her face is so pretty that even a five-year-old child will be attracted towards her. In her birthday interview, Raashi Khanna said that her favorite color is green and she likes to wear dresses made up of green. Even though it is not very clear whether Raashi Khanna has breast implants or not but she is the perfect example of young, vibrant women who can also maintain their figure without surgery or treatment.

Raashi Khanna was born in Mangalore in South India. She is described as elegant and slim with dark skin and dark brown hair. Raashi’s real name is Sarita Khanna and she went to Ram College for Engineering in Shimla, which is located in northern India. After graduating she joined the Indian Film industry in Delhi and slowly climbed the ladder and was finally chosen for the role of Raashi in the movie “Singh in King”.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements  34-26-34 Inches

Raashi Khanna had no prior experience of being a model, but since then she has been working diligently on her body. She has maintained her looks for the last almost 27 years and even today uses many beauty products and methods to keep her body youthful and her attitude jovial. Raashi has maintained a great height and weight for her entire life. She was always eager to get out into the world and travel which is why even at this age she decided to pursue her acting career and moved from Mangalore to Delhi where she spent the next 27 years in the country. Even today she is surrounded by friends and family from her former life and rarely misses a single chance to enjoy her life.

Raashi Khanna was born in a family that was close and caring and she had very good childhood memories of her parents’ warm support and loving attention. She shared that her parents’ occupation was herbal gardening and Raashi remembers her happiest memory was when her father would plant the herbs on her birthday and told her not to eat them before they withered. The fact that she never got tired and always carried a happy and energetic energy never failed to impress even today’s busy and hyperactive woman. Today her best friend is Sumeet Kajan who works in the new Delhi office of Viacom International and is fond of Raashi.

Recently Raashi Khanna has established a close friendship with Sumeet and they have spent a lot of time chatting on their new found social media sites such as Facebook and twitter. Raashi even began her own twitter account in the hope of connecting with new friends and fans. Today Sumeet has become a close friend of Raashi Khanna and the two are inseparable. In fact they talk on a regular basis and Sumeet even says that he thinks his girl is the cutest face in the world.

The beautiful body of Raashi Khanna has earned her a lot of notice both in Bollywood and Hollywood. However, despite her good looks, Raashi has always maintained a healthy lifestyle and is very conscious about her weight. At times she even goes for rigorous workouts sessions in order to lose weight. Today Sumeet is a slim and fit young man who owns a thriving business and is happy with his beautiful wife Raashi.

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