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Bina Rai Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bina Rai is a Bollywood actress of Indian origin, best known for roles in Hindi films of the mid-nineties and the later 1990s. Bina Rai was born in Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. She studied medicine in Nursery College, Jullundi, before her cast debut in Bina Rai in 1992. Her first major role was in Anarkali, which won her critical acclaim and was made into a feature film by the production house.

Bina Rai had a varied career throughout the Hindi film industry, mostly focusing on comedy roles. However, she is perhaps best known for playing highly demeaning roles in Bollywood movies of the white era. She was one of the many actresses of the white era that hails from Shimla, who became popular due to their sagging faces, which became hallmarks of the ‘Hindi’ era. In one sequence in Bina Rai the main female character is shown suffering from facial skin defects and this aspect of her character made her likable by many viewers. It was this aspect that went a long way in her being nominated for the same for the Film Fare and the Film Director categories at the Oscars. She also won the same for Best Female Action Artist at the 1994 Academy Awards.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 DD
Waist Size 35 Inches
Hips Size 344 Inches
Shoe Size 7.5  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-24-35 Inches

Bina Rai’s most well-known role may be that of Prem Chopra in Rajneeti, which won her the Best Screenplay Oscar along with winning the Oscar for the same. There was no film that showcased Bina’s talent as well as her flaws more than Rajneeti. The film itself chronicles the life of the young Rajneeti princess while she is still married to the much older Modya, who is described as a prince charming. The story is laced with melodrama and even some romantic touches, which gave the Hindi films a new dimension. Bina Rai did appear in some other good Hindi movies of the white era such as Kaal Bhairav, Om Shanti Om, Keoladeo Ghana’s Mankatha, among others.

Bina Rai had some more good experiences in her career and even appeared in some Hollywood movies of the late 1990s. She appeared in Apnea, Dream, Ram Gopal Varma’s Kismet and Sharukh Khan’s Magadheera. These films helped her gain some experience in the white era Bollywood as well.

After these few experiences, Bina Rai decided to move to Lahore and became the face of a famous actress of the time, who was at that time known as Bahara Herani. She played an important role in the very first film of the Pakistan Cinema as well as the first Pakistani girl to be seen on the International television – aired from India! In that film, she played the lead character, Javed Akhtar. That film also starred Sharukh Khan as well as Shazahn Shaiker.

Bina Rai did not let go the chances of appearing in any more Premnath and Bina Rai was soon to become one of the most popular actresses working in the Bollywood industry. She later appeared in a number of hit films such as Kaal Bhat Teeka, Dhamal Bhat Teeka, Dankara Jullu and Kahaniya Jullu. However, it was her role in the movie Taj Mahal as well as its sequel, Hamza Aligarh that actually helped Bina Rai and her career flourish. The movie was a box office hit and became a classic that the later actresses simply cannot ignore. She even appeared in some more popular movies such as Baahubali and Zorawar Mehrangar. Bina Rai has gone on to become not just one of the best actresses of Pakistan but also one of the best ever to come from theollywood.

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