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Ambika Bra Size & Body Measurements

Ambika Bhai was born in Hyderabad, India in 1950. She is the eldest daughter of a prominent politician and industrialist, J.P.S. Gandhi. She has become one of the popular faces of south Indian cinema. In the late 80s, she began to work on a remake of King of the Jungle, which went on to become a hit movie. Later, she appeared in a number of other movies, which made her well-known in the industry.

Ambika’s real name is Ananya Kumar. She got this name when she was cast in the first film of the Malayalam film genre that was based on medieval themes. She had worked previously with an unknown cast, and so the director called her by her real name. She played the role of a princess who falls in love with a commoner, but gets murdered for reasons yet to be explained in the movie. Though it is not clear whether it was because of love or a rivalry (probably both), the actress was given the sobriety and beauty that came with the name Ananya.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 38 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 38-28-36 Inches

One of her most notable films is the movie Manithan, which won her two Filmfare awards for Best Actress (tie) and Best Director (scripting). It is set in the ancient times in southern India and depicts the life of a Rajput princess. Her other notable effort is the romance comedy, Apoorva Sangam, which also portrayed a Rajput princess. Both these movies were later made into the animated series, Star Wars: The Anime.

In the Apoorva Sangam, a princess who was forced to marry a Dicer (nicknamed by the character Vinni) was made to live by her husband’s side. Her task was to give birth to a boy who was supposed to take over the rule. However, due to a tragic accident, the baby was deformed, and he was named Orchha. This was where the actress took the role of Bhima, the name given to the boy by her father, Orcha. Apart from this role, she has also acted in some popular Telugu movies like Tamil Nalin Koharada starring Kuttanad, Veli Magadheera, Veliyanammal, Ketti Kamal, Bhima Kohantham, Veliyanammal, Tiru Vana, Anupong, Veli Magadheera, and Anupong Thake!

Some of the most important Indian actresses that have portrayed Orcha in at least three of their Telugu films are Priyadarshan Sahoo, Prem Chopra, and Suresh prabhu Swarup. Priyadarshan Sahoo went onto to play a major role in the Kamal’s Baahubali movie, while Suresh has also appeared in Apoorvurna. Prem Chopra is probably best known for his action roles, however he also did considerable work in lyricist movies. Suresh prabhu Swarup is perhaps better known for his film appearances in Apoorvurna and Veli Magadheera. Other than these two, Suresh has also acted in some English movies such as Saturday Night Fever, Mankatha, and Jodha Akbar, amongst others.

Ambika’s varied career has left an impact on the minds of fans across India and across the world, as well as on the people who follow her career. For those who love the melodious yet heart-pounding Ambika character, there is a good chance that you are familiar with the theme tune from the film. For those who prefer her more serious roles, then there is no doubt that they are deeply influenced by the film itself. If you are an admirer of Ambika, then we suggest that you do read as much about her life and her characters as possible. Ambika Biography will leave you hanging with questions about the woman behind the image of Ambika.

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