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Kamna Jethmalani Bra Size & Body Measurements

Kamna Jethmalani biography is interesting. Born and raised in Mangalore, Jethmalani grew up in Mumbai. She is actually one of six siblings, all of whom are film actors, earning different styles of acting. Kamna Jethmalani was born in 1976, in Mangalore.

Kamna Jethmalani is actually an Indian actress. She first debuted in India with the popular telugu movie Premikulu in 2021 and had her first major commercial success with her second feature film Ranam, followed by her third film Mani. Later on, she went on to play the main role in several other telugu Hindi movies, while also appearing and debuting in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Keralian movies. This is on top of her appearances in other languages including Urdu and Punjabi. She has since gone on to play the lead character in some high profile films in Pakistan and China, as well as some Hollywood films made in India and Singapore.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-35 Inches

Some of the interesting facts that can be dug out from Kamna Jethmalani’s life and career are as follows: – Her real name is Jivan Ram Jethmalani. But her real name is Manish Raj Jethmalani. That was what her real father told her when she was a child. This is probably why she got away from home, in the mid 1960s.

 She has appeared in at least six films which make up what is known as a telugu genre. Her best known roles are Kismet Konnection (K.I.S.S), Mankatha (Seek and Destroy), Aasin (The Female Snake), and a remake of Hindi movie, Bhumika (Bhumika). In fact, her Bhumika film features Nanban, who was the original character introduced in the novel, Ram Jethmalani. Another interesting fact about Kamna Jethmalani that comes out from her films is that even her own family and close friends do not know her real name. As such, they simply call her by her middle name, Kamna Jethmalani.

The writer of this article did not get to know what Kamna Jethmalani’s real name was until recently. This is how she came to know about Jethalani’s educational qualification in fact. Some film buffs had noticed that Kamna Jethmalani did have an interesting last name, and one of these is Jethalani. After some extensive research, it turns out that this particular name was actually a common middle name used by Kamna Jethmalani’s mother, Githonda. This is interesting because this shows that while her mother was alive, Jethalani was actually living with her mother as her step-sister.

This is what is known as a typical Jethmalani recipe. She is called by her real name, which is Jithalani, but her family called her by her middle name, which is Jithala. It is interesting to note that at the time of her death, Kamna Jethmalani was living with her mother as step-sister at the age of 33 years. This is one interesting piece of information about this Telugu movie actress, and one more that substantiates the interesting story that this actress tells us in her book, titled as Jithalani.

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