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Nisha Ravikrishnan is an award winning actress in the Kannada network television. She started her career in television at the early age of 19. She hosting varied shows on Chintu TV. Her first film as the actresses came with the popular serial Sarvamangalaanga Mangalye. Since then she has gone on to act in varying major and minor films and also acted in some TV serials.

Nisha Ravikrishnan’s life has been full of contradictions. She has been a devoted child artiste, vegetarian, a non-party worker, an engineer, a social worker and a housewife. Her life has been full of contradictions and she has gone through many phases throughout her life. Nisha Ravikrishnan is a name that is synonymous with creativity and great spirit. Nisha has managed to combine all her skills and excel in all.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-35 Inches

Nisha was born in Bangalore. She was given the name Nisha Ravikshan in her birth certificate. This is how she came to know about her father. Nisha’s father was her step father who had got divorced from her mother while she was studying in Vellore College. She was so distressed by the fact that her father had left her that she decided to live with her sisters in Bangalore and at the same time work as a teacher in a madam. She was extremely distressed by the fact that her father had not supported her financially and she therefore managed to earn a meager income at the Madam and later on managed to get a position in a teaching staff in the Government school in Bangalore.

Nisha was very close to her younger sister Naseema, who was also studying in Vellore College. They used to spend the whole day together and when they would return home they used to cook meal for Nisha’s family which was served at the back of their homes. Later on Nisha managed to get a job as a clerk in a bank in Bangalore and after a few months went to work for her mother at the Government school in Vellore. During this period Nisha gained complete faith in herself and with the passage of time she managed to clear all the exams successfully and became a degree holder in psychology. Nisha grew up very strong working hard and earned a senior doctorate in social work and later in her career she worked as a counselor in a girls’ college.

The Nisha Ravikrishnan Biography reveals that Nisha had a very interesting career which is so typical of women of that era. After earning a degree in psychology from Vellore College she decided to switch loyalties and join her husband’s political party. Even though Nisha was already established as a successful personality in her new venture she still failed to secure a position in her old college and hence she started looking for other avenues to make a decent income. It was at this point of time that Nisha decided to switch loyalties and try her luck in Bangalore where she was to make her first real foray into politics. It was at this stage that Nisha got to know about Indira Gandhi, the first lady of India and with whom she shared a close rapport due to her deep understanding of her personality and her philosophy of life.

It was at this time Nisha began working as a social worker for an NGO that was dedicated to helping the street children of Bangalore and the deprived sections of society. The Nisha’s dedication to her cause won her a heart in the city’s social circle and the name of Nisha was soon linked with the first lady of Karnataka – Indira Gandhi. Nisha’s contribution towards making the country’s first female head of state is definitely worth celebrating and honouring. With such impressive credentials it is no wonder that Nisha has been given a tribute in the bestseller, ‘Nisha the Raped.’ A book that not only honourably celebrates Nisha’s bravery but also honourably depicts the journey she undertook to become the first ever woman of prime importance in Karnataka.

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