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Puja Banerjee Bra Size & Body Measurements

Puja Banerjee first rose to stardom in 1993 when she was cast in the Hindi movie “Chak De! India” as a main character. She was known for her lovely face, lovely hair and slim body. Puja Banerjee later went on to play different characters in other movies including “Shodh”, “Kurban”, “Iruvar”, “Hum dil de Chuke Sanam” and “Laal Chaka Deewana”. Her all time favorite role which came after “Chak De! India” was “Mankatha” in 1994 where she again played a glamorous role.

Puja Banerjee’s first bust measurement was 18 inches, which was not very surprising considering her beauty and slim body. Today, she has definitely upped her game and has been measured for a bust size 34 inches which makes her one of the best-looking Indian actresses. There are many things which contribute to this impressive figure like her sedentary lifestyle and heavy weight which account for her large bust size. Today, she sports figure hugging garments like lehenga tops and salwar suits.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 33 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-33 Inches

Puja Banerjee also had some trouble during her marriage and separation. Her first husband took the decision to end their marriage on themselves due to pressure from their daughter. Though this was a common practice in many cultures, it is not accepted in India. But she never allowed her husband to file for divorce citing that he was the reason for her unhappiness in their marriage. This led to his insecurities about her, which later led to his death.

After their split, she decided to move with her son to a new town. The transition was not easy for her, as she had lost both her looks and her sex appeal which she attributed to her marriage problems. However, she was able to find much success in her acting career in Bollywood where she starred in such movies as Aniya waiting for marriage, Welcome, Kismet Kaleja and Iruvaran. Her first efforts did not go well as English was not her first language. Though she was able to learn it, her performance as Parry puts you believe she failed in every performance she tried. Though it may be true that English is not her first language, Puja Banerjee showed great talent in the Hindi films and managed to shine even in English in some films.

Then she decided to move with her son to a new city called Kolkata and began her career in Indian television and movies. Bose was popular among the masses after appearing in some very interesting shows on television which have been fondly remembered by many Indians. Her first major role in a Hindi movie was Bhumika in the serial called Aabara, which was a very good fit for her as an actress as it was related to a story of a young girl who was set free from the shackles of married life after getting captured by terrorists. Puja Banerjee was then in love with another Hindi film star called Sanjay Leela Bhansali whom she had seen in one of her very successful shows called Kill Bill. She played the part of an evil witch in the movie and worked with him for quite some time in the movie.

Recently Puja Banerjee had celebrated her 33 years of age and passed away at a hospital in Kolkata where she is still very much alive in the hearts of many Indians. She was a big fan of Indian television when she was young and even began studying Hindi and reading the Bhajan scripts when she was still quite young. Bose was actually very good at the scripts and got to do a lot of her script acting during the early days of her career in Indian television. As she progressed in her career she did not only act in films but also in commercials and in small roles in Indian popular TV serials.

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