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Pramila Joshai Bra Size & Body Measurements

Pramila Joshai is a renowned Indian biographer and was known to write many books on India’s historical events. She had also studied in Delhi University. It is her life that we are exploring in this biography. Pramila was married to Jivaka Kumar in 1908 and they had three children. Their marriage caused Pramila some financial difficulties and so she decided to quit her job.

Pramila’s life was not without its complications. Her body did not respond to the synthetic clothes that she used for day-to-day activities. These made her tiny with a small waist and large breasts that resulted in her being called “Daughter of Mirrors”. She also had a very large bosom that made her appear even smaller than she actually was in the famous photograph of Madhubala in Agra. Thanks to these records, we now know how Pramila fit into those turbulent times in India’s history.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-35 Inches

When Pramila decided to return to her home in Bengal, she lived in a small house with poor lighting and little comfort. Despite these problems, Pramila managed to achieve some kind of self-worth despite her circumstances. This was because of her bra size. Women of her time who were known to be endowed with natural bust size were not as attractive as Pramila as this became known to everyone.

When Pramila began to have odd ailments in the later years she was blamed on the small size of her bust. She had this problem from childhood and it continued even into adulthood. After the death of her husband Jivaka in 1908 Pramila was forced to change her bra size as the society had become more lenient towards those with small busts. Her self esteem deteriorated even further when her employer forced her to wear a sari after the passage of the Industrial Revolution in England, which was associated with the decline of the bra size.

A curious feature of Pramila’s personality is her obsession with clothes and fashion. It is evident in her diaries that she was obsessed with the way her clothes fit her body even in her old age. She was obsessed about her bra size and desired to have a bust size similar to the famous Birla sisters of yesteryear. When her marriage to Shashi Rajan in 1912 failed, she was forced to change her bra size once again. Although she was not satisfied with the result of this effort, she was undeterred as she continued to wear expensive clothing and cosmetics to augment her bust size.

Pramila also had many relationships outside her marriage. She was very close to her sister Subhadra who was also known for her bust size and was known to use different sizes in her clothing to make her look beautiful. However, when Pramila found herself alone and without any children, she decided to live on a less materialistic lifestyle so that she could ‘live in style’. Despite being a poor housewife, Pramila was known to spend large sums of money on her favorite Dora the Explorer figurine, expensive cosmetics, designer dresses and perfume. She was also reported to have had a liking for garter belts and corset vests.

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