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Moon Moon Sen Bra Size & Body Measurements

When V.S. Kutu wrote Moon Sen biographies, he was following in the footsteps of many other Tamil writers who were also penning books based on historical events and figures from Tamil Nadu’s ancient history. In his book, he has followed a chronological order of the key players in this intricate period and the events that transpired. It is evident from the start that we are dealing with a character, whom we come to know only from the first pages itself, and who only becomes more significant as the story unravels. Indeed, the Moon Sen character, played by immunologist Dr. Prem Shankarachari, takes center stage as the main protagonist throughout the entire book.

One of the foremost characters in Moon Sen Biography is Moon, a twenty-two-year-old Bengali actress who is married to an affluent Portuguese officer and lives in Calcutta, the city from which the story begins. Moon is a bright and cheerful woman who barely tolerates her husband’s attitude towards her. Despite the fact that she loves her husband, she cannot escape from her destiny of becoming a Bengali national, which she is forced to by her marriage to a Portuguese officer. She further develops feelings for another female, named Nandini, whom she adores.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 30 Inches
Hips Size 38 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-30-38 Inches

After her marriage to a wealthy Portuguese officer, Moon starts feeling unhappy and is slightly jealous that she is not yet a Bengali. She therefore decides to visit the east for the month of March where she plans to live with Nandini. However, upon her arrival, she is told that Nandini is away in Pemba, which is situated in the Indian State of Bengal. Undaunted, Moon decides to visit the town, which is located at the foothills of the majestic hills of Kanyakumari. While in Kanyakumari, Moon witnesses the murder of three men by a band of armed youths, who boast of being in touch with the Indian intelligence agency.

After being captured by the pirates, Moon recovers from her wounds and is rescued by the Indian Intelligence Agency. After recovering, she is taken back to Calcutta where she witnesses the murder of the pirates’ captain by a local girl who refuses to kill Moon due to her beautiful face. Moon tries to save the captain but is shot dead by one of the local youths. Moon dies at the spot, thus ending her two amazing life’s. The Bengali star, Moon Sen, returns to Bollywood after such a memorable film where she played a pivotal role in popularizing the Bengali genre in India.

Moon was one of the very first actresses from Bollywood to try her hand at the Telugu genre of cinema. She later changed her name to Moon Kavleet and did some more movies in Hindi and Tamil. However, the trend of her films did not last long and even today, many consider her to be one of the finest female actors from Bollywood. She has achieved success in her films despite being known for her dark and violent characters and roles. Apart from her two popular roles in Kismet, Moon Sen is well known for her acting skills in her personal life as well.

A Moon Sen biography is incomplete without mention of her remarkable role as the nefarious Nizams in the Tamil movie, Niseko. The evil Nizams, a group of evil sisters who terrorize the villagers in the climax of the movie, are played by the legendary tamil artiste, Dayal Bhat, in all their different guises. Bollywood has always preferred Dayal and Nizams over all other actresses from the Tamil film industry. There is no doubt that A Moon Sen played a vital role in popularizing the art of Tamil cinema and also helped to create a benchmark in the realm of television drama and cinema in India.

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