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Mandira Bedi Bra Size & Body Measurements

Mandira Bedi is famous for her Mandira Bedi movies. Born in Mandira, Nigeria Mandira Bedi is one of the youngest actresses in South Africa. Her first major role was Barbie, where she played the role of the common housekeeper, who has a limited speech but is exceptionally attractive. Later, Mandira Bedi went on to play the lead role in the movie Happy Days where she again displayed her acting skills and was nominated for an Oscar along with Michael Caine. After that, Mandira Bedi went on to play the lead role in another blockbuster movie called MIB: Men in Black.

But that was before Mandira Bedi’s greatest achievement. She has since gone on to star in dozens of films and is known for her stunning looks and charming character. As a result, many biographers have chosen to write about Mandira Bedi’s life and her bra size. In her first movie, The Pirate, Mandira Bedi had an amazingly small bra size and even got criticism for it. Initially, Mandira Bedi had been unhappy with her small bra size and felt it made her unattractive. However, she was able to hide it under her bangles and eventually she was able to wear a medium sized bra in the film which enabled her to gain considerable popularity.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 35 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 35-26-35 Inches

Mandira Bedi first revealed her bust size when she appeared in her first all star movie Happy Days where her bust was not huge. However, after that film was released, Mandira Bedi was criticized for her sagging breasts and that led to her first revelation. She then went on to reveal her bust size in her first book called My Life. It is said that Mandira Bedi initially Reveals her bust size as a defense mechanism as her first attempt at getting into acting was stifled by the rejection. After this, she decided to reveal her entire body in order to get her boyfriend to notice her

Mandira Bedi first revealed her first name as Mandira while wearing her first known film role in Happy Days. This gave birth to her first real love which was in fact the film alongside Michael Jackson ‘The Billie Jean’. The role of actress was seen as a challenge by the biographer of Mandira Bedi as compared to her other films. She was also aware that her bust size was the reason why Michael Jackson chose her to play his first black role in the movie Thriller.

After the release of Thriller, Mandira Bedi was not able to get the same kind of notice as other leading black American stars such as Michael Jordan and Walt Disney among others. The biographer of Mandira Bedi claims that Bedi was disappointed with the limited amount of attention that was given to her in Thriller. Bedi then decided to give her next biopic a different perspective by making it a coming of age story and making it a romantic comedy. Mandira Bedi biography also mentions that she was not that thrilled with the prospect of portraying a black American character in a romantic comedy.

Nevertheless, Mandira Bedi’s first black American biographer tells us that the actor did enjoy working with Michael Jackson on Thriller. She also goes on to state that she was not really impressed with the performance that Bedi got in the film. She states however that she was happy with the work that Mandira did for the film. Mandira Bedi’s first black American biographer also goes on to state that the success of Mandira Bedi as an actress has a lot to do with her own personal confidence that she carries with herself.

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