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Katrina Bowden Bra Size & Body Measurements

Katrina Bowden is an American actress best known for her role as the sexy, younger-than-they-should be Hope Van Gogh in the movie Life Is Beautiful (2000). She has also been known for her supporting work on such television shows as Entourage and Scrubs. She is also well known for her roles in the films’ Texas Chain Saw and The Perfect Score.

As an American actor, Katrina has not shirked on sharing her first-hand knowledge about acting. She has shared some of her tips and techniques with others including former supermodel and Dancing with the Stars star Stevie Wonder. She has also shared some information regarding her personal life with the media including her recent public meltdown at a New Jersey restaurant because her shoes were too small. She is open about her personal life with the media including being a mother and wife. Her book, My Sinner, was released in January of 2010 and featured both her son Nicholas, and ex-husband, Matthew McConaughey.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-24-34 Inches

Katrina Bowden was born in September of 1974 in suburban New Jersey. She is described as being an Aquarian with green eyes, brown hair, and a faint tan. She is said to be a very good cook and has taken piano and violin lessons. She has appeared in some movies since her appearance on the television series Eat Your Peasants, and she was cast as a love interest for Brad Pitt in the movie World War Z.

According to some reports, Katrina was last seen at a charity ball in New Jersey on Sept. 7th. Some people have speculated that she went to New York to see her former friend Jennifer Lopez. However, other friends and family have stated that Katrina did not go to New York but rather visited her native South Carolina. She was last seen in a photograph that was posted on a social networking site, showing her with long, dark hair, wearing a long black dress, walking with her arms aloft, and wearing a large yellow zig zag purse.

Katrina is currently staying with her mother, Joann, in South Carolina. This is where her mother lives, as it is where Katrina’s mother used to live before moving to New Jersey. Some reports say that she is staying with a friend of her mother’s who works for the United States government in Washington D.C. This friend has also been identified as Wyckoff.

Some people have compared the recent photographs of Bowden with former starlet’s Diana Ross, Princess Di, and Brooke Shields, to those ofeline Macpherson, whom Katrina starred with in “A Raised Brow” with Matt Damon. The two women are almost similar in their facial structures, their skin tone, and their overall facial structure. That does not mean that they are the same person, although many people have compared the two actresses and their roles in the film. People also compare the two women with Nicole Kidman and Demi Moore, both of whom have slightly older appearance than Katrina. So, if you are an American woman and are looking to raise some funds for a specific cause or someone you know, you may want to consider using the internet in order to locate and support your favorite internet famous ladies, such as Katrina Bowden, and Instagram celebrity Instagramrities.

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