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Hilarie Burton Bra Size & Body Measurements

Hilarie Burton is an American performer, musician, singer and actress. A former host of MTV’s Total Request Live, Hilarie Burton also portrayed Peyton Sawyer in The WB/ CW television series One Tree Hill for several seasons. Hilarie was also responsible for popularizing “The Golden Girls” in the United States with her portrayal of Blondie front woman Alice Cooper. Post One Tree Hill, Hilarie appeared in Our Very Own, Solitude, and The List.

Hilarie is best known for her role as Holly Golightly in the film The Great Bazaar. She went on to star in many more comedy and drama movies including the award-winning Chicago. Hilarie began her career in the seventies performing opposite Don Murphy in a series of comedy films including Chicago. Hilarie’s early roles were small roles in television shows such as M.A.S.H., Married with Children, The Odds, Family Guy, and Family in Waiting. Recently, Hilarie has focused more of her attention on the stage, playing lead roles in musicals including Broadway’s revival of Lion King and Hello Kitty the Musical. Hilarie has also had some critical acclaim for her role in the film The Cable Guy.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 B
Waist Size 22 Inches
Hips Size 33 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements  33-22-33 Inches

Hilarie has been married to David Burton since 1985, and they have two children. Hilarie was also an executive producer and presenter of the reality series The Good Wife, which was a spin-off of The Apprentice, which was hosted by Donald Trump. Hilarie was also a contestant on the reality show Survivor, where she was an early contestant (seventh) and the show runner. Hilarie has also been married to Richard Burton since 1993 and they have one son, Christopher.

Hilarie’s most recognized role to date would probably be in the movie Bridesmaids, playing the well-meaning but secretly mean girl that romantically shoves Bridesmaid Ryan into her trailer in order to keep her out of the wedding. Hilarie made her TV debut in the second season of Married with Children, playing constituent Anna Camp. As Anna Camp, Hilarie is perfectly poised for a role as a strong-willed, intelligent, and sympathetic female character, which are very rare on screen these days. Hilarie has also appeared in a few episodes of CHEERS, American Idol, and was briefly mentioned on ER, but is yet to be seen on any of the aforementioned shows. Her other notable acting career includes guest spots on Roseanne, Law and Order, and The X-Files among other short stints on television.

Hilarie’s acting prowess doesn’t end there though, as she has also provided quite the impressive acting portfolio on the television show The Grey’s Anatomy. In the first season of the show, she played Dr. Addison Montgomery, a crucial character who was one of the few characters on the show with a stable mental health. Hilarie’s performance as Addison was both controversial and beloved by Grey’s fans. After her appearance on the show, Hilarie signed on for several more Grey’s episodes, where she would play the role of a pregnant mermaid. Hilarie also had a small role in the first two episodes of Scrubs, though her contribution to the series was generally overlooked by fans.

Hilarie has had an eclectic career, playing the same characters in different popular television shows. She has also appeared in a few award-winning films, including Home On the Range and Edward Scissorhands. Hilarie is perhaps best known for her three appearances on the popular TV show Roseanne, where she voiced the characteranne Monticello, the lively but scatter-haired character who always tried to do the right thing. Other small roles that she has had in television include episodes of Married With Children and E.T. Hilarie also has a voiceover career, providing voices for commercials and other audio recordings.

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