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Frances Farmer Bra Size & Body Measurements

Frances Farmer is perhaps one of the most iconic and important voices that ever lived. She has had numerous roles in films and television programs, and even guest spots on numerous other shows. It is rare that you can never see her name in print, and if you do you will most likely recognize her from one or two of her numerous television characters. Frances Farmer has passed away, but her legacy lives on through her many biographies and biographical books.

Insulin Shock: The Adventures of Frances Farmer by Beverly Barton will be her most biographical book. Frances Farmer was an accomplished Hollywood actor in the early 1940’s. She wasn’t a star quite yet, but she sure was a recognizable actress. I have never actually seen any of her films but I have planned to look them all out during my next visit to New York.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 35 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 35-24-34  inches

In Frances’ book, “Insulin Shock” (written with Francis Fordham), she traces her lifelong battle with Type II Diabetes. This is a condition where the body does not properly use or produce insulin, resulting in excessive thirst and hunger. This is a very common affliction amongst diabetics and Frances had been suffering from this for many years before she even found work. Her life and career then nearly came to a halt with the advent of Type II Diabetes. It was then that she decided to give back to the world and write this book to help others fight this dreaded disease.

Frances Farmer’s life took another turn after receiving her master’s degree from the University of Denver. She traveled to San Diego for college, and from there, worked as an assistant clinical professor at the western state university for four years. During this time, she began writing her first book. The following year she received a fellowship and moved to California to live and work at the state hospital. During this period, Frances Farmer began receiving insulin shock therapy, or administering intravenous medications to fight off bouts of insulin shock. Over the course of six months, Frances learned how to administer these intravenous medications and gradually, her ability to cope with this ailment began improving.

Frances Farmer’s life and career would never be the same after this shocking episode. Her work in the television industry, her many awards and honors including an Academy Award, propelled her into the forefront of Hollywood. Within a short time, Frances Farmer became one of the top trainers and consultants in the whole world. During this time, she experienced a number of health issues, one of which was an auto-immune disorder. After being treated with an experimental treatment, Frances was able to completely overcome this condition.

Frances Farmer would go on to help countless other individuals with autoimmune disorders, including dogs, patients with cancer, AIDS victims, and even young children with conditions like cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. As one of the top trainers in Hollywood, it is easy to see that Frances Farmer had an incredible impact on Hollywood. She helped make movies such as “Aid”, “Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Good Girl, Pretty Woman”, and “Empire of the Sun” into super successes. Regardless, of what you think of Frances Farmer, or what you thought of her prior to her death, you can’t deny that without her, many modern day movie stars would not be where they are today. You may want to learn more about this woman and what she has meant to Hollywood.

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