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Julie Bowen Bra Size & Body Measurements

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Julie Bowen Bra Size

Modern Family star Julie Bowen once again found herself in the headlines. On the August 3rd edition of ABC’s World News, anchorwoman Robin Roberts discussed Julie Bowen’s book, “The Girl Who Played With Men.” According to Roberts, Bowen once told reporters that she felt empowered after learning that her own mother played a role in her rise to stardom. She had written the memoirs in response to the numerous comments and rumors that had been directed towards her over the years.

According to Roberts, producers had told Julie Bowen many times that she would never be an actress, given her resemblance to Demi Moore’s character from the matrix series. However, according to reports, the former Saturday Night Live cast member has once again proven that her ability to master the camera and act comedically are what separates her from the other performers on Broadway and beyond. Julie Bowen has appeared in some of the best comedy movies of the last five decades, including Argo, Awakenings, Chicago, Finding Nemo, and The Social Network. Additionally, she co starred in Disney’s animated hit Beauty and the Beast.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 23 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements  34-23-34 Inches

When it comes to female comedians, Julie Bowen is often compared to Demi Moore. In an interview with Variety, Moore spoke about having to battle preconceived notions about what a comic should look like: “I think any girl who’s successful has always been able to do that. I’m not a good looking girl. When I was doing stage shows, I had to pay attention to that.”

According to a press release from Variety, Julie Bowen will play the character of Ann Shelton, an attorney who appears in the first act of the play. Additionally, according to the Boston Globe, Ann “plays the role of a confident, strong woman whose optimism and humor are the epitome of the lawyer’s craft”. Gilmore’s character is described as “a quiet, confident force of nature who loves children but has issues around sexuality”. As a result, Gilmore’s character “has issues with coming across as gay”, per the Boston Globe. It is unknown if Julie Bowen has any reservations about coming to Boston to film this part of her career.

There is also word from internet sources that Julie Bowen will voice the character of Cleopatra in the forthcoming movie of the same name. This is an exciting role for Julie Bowen because of her established and recognizable voice. Other actors expected to voice a role in the movie include Dan Butler, Kay Panabaker, and Patricia Clarkson. The movie, The Aviator, will hit theaters in July. Whether or not Julie Bowen voices Cleopatra is still being discussed at this time.

So far, Julie Bowen’s social media pages are all about a dog. She posts pictures of the dog, along with a caption that says, “My cute Pomeranian goes to the National Park, apparently he wears tennis shoes and loves to take walks.” It is unclear whether this represents the character of Cleopatra or simply another photo posted on Julie’s Facebook page by someone else. There is no information on where this could be coming from. If this is not a character Julie Bowen will be singing about in the next thing, and she will be singing about two different characters in two separate songs, all in the same year.

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