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Sahiba Afzal Bra Size & Body Measurements

Also known as Sahiba Afzal, Sahiba Ahmed is a Pakistani actress and dancer based in Lahore, daughter of comedian-actor Mina Ashraf Ali. She has appeared in a number of films, most notably, Happy Days, Zindoor and later, Bridget Jones Diary. She is popular as an actress, singer and dancer in Pakistan and India. In fact, she has gone on to star in a number of Hollywood movies, most notably Bridget Jones Diary and Happy Days. She has also won two Golden Globes for Best actress in a Leading Role category.

Sahiba Afzal’s life has been full of twists and turns. Born and raised in Pakistan, she was groomed and raised in the confines of the Pakistani film industry. However, when her marriage to an English man came to a sudden end, she suddenly found herself on the move. She attended several art colleges in the west, before entering the small screen world of cinema. She first appeared in a Hindi film called Khote Danda, before appearing in a few mainstream Pakistani movies.

A fan of theatre and a passionate lover of theater, she wanted to be a part of the film industry, but she was denied a visa, on account of her being married to a common-law partner. Despite this setback, she continued to work diligently, in order to be granted a free pass to enter the film industry in the future. Finally, in 1994, she was allowed a passport and set foot on the threshold of a new world. Today, she is a household name among Pakistanis and Indians alike. She is known for her lovable character, guile and unconventional sexuality.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 29 Inches
Hips Size 38 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-29-38 Inches

The name of Sahiba Afzal is well-known amongst locals and even foreign nationals residing in Pakistan, as well as ex-pats. However, very little is known about the private and intimate life of this glamorous actress. A popular name for an aspiring actress in the Indian film industry, Sahiba Afzal has built a strong reputation as a bold and fearless personality, who displays her love for life, in her roles. She is known for being open and honest, and appreciative of the society that has provided her with opportunities to pursue her career.

Born in Lahore, an old and prominent town in Pakistan, Sahiba Afzal’s first role in the film industry was as an extra in Rajkarma, a 1994 action/adventure movie directed by Shimit Amin. She later appeared in a few other films, before finally establishing a successful career as a full-fledged actress in Pakistani films. A born performer, who loves to shine in front of the camera, Sahiba Afzal has not only won critical acclaim for her roles in Pakistani films but has also garnered eyeballs in the international arena, with some notable billing in Hollywood and Bollywood films.

In terms of her personal life, there are no significant details available. According to one report, Sahiba Afzal had three boys, and once married. However, this information is not confirmed. A mysterious death caused controversy in 2021, when it was found that Sahiba Afzal had been married to a man from Afghanistan without the knowledge of her family. Since then, she has kept a low profile, although her name keeps popping up in news due to her marriage and other activities in Pakistan and India.

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