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Madeeha Gauhar Bra Size & Body Measurements

Madeeha Gauhar is a Pakistani actress and singer. She is also an accomplished writer and producer. Madeeha Gauhar studied at university in Pakistan, but after that she traveled to the United Kingdom to complete her English degree. She then went on to do some work in the films, TV serials and theatre, but has mostly remained involved in producing music, plays and films.

Madeeha Gauhar is one of the most famous actresses from Pakistan and one of the world’s leading Burqavaganza actresses. Madeeha Gauhar first gained attention when appearing in some English language theatrical productions in England. Later, she appeared in some major national television shows, including Britain’s Daily Show. She has since gone on to act in numerous other English language theatrical plays and movies, as well as in some popular international television shows. Her most famous plays are” Karachi”,” Madeeha Gauhar”, “ugu bande se zalar”, “brighter”.

Madeeha Gauhar is one of the most talented and accomplished young actresses. Her talent has caught the eye of various leading and renowned actors, directors and playwrights who have shown interest in her. Her first major break in the film industry was playing an exotic and mysterious character in the award winning film ‘Muhammed Ali’ (in 1992). After that Madeeha Gauhar went on to act in a number of high budget movies, including the action-filled movie ‘Chak De! Pakistan’ starring Asomnia Barr, as well as a cameo role in the Hindi movie ‘Dhoom Reloaded’.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 31 Inches
Hips Size 37 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-31-37 inches

It was after her small but significant role in the movie ‘Chak De! Pakistan that Madeeha Gauhar’s name began getting recognised. In addition, her acting skills were also recognized when Pakistani actress sharoon chaudhary khan was chosen for the Film Farewell Festival of India, which is annually held from the month of September in New Delhi. Also for the same year, Madeeha Gauhar was nominated for the same award along with hapless Punjabi star, Sohana Kohli, in the best actress category. Aged only 22, Madeeha Gauhar has been awarded a three-year national scholarship by the Indian Council for Girls. She is presently studying at Ruparel College in Ruparel, New Delhi.

Although Madeeha Gauhar’s star status has waned slightly in recent years, it is obvious that her acting prowess is not going anywhere anytime soon. Her experience and popularity among the masses have made her the favourite among most of the young girls in my locality. However, her association with the famous writer, S.S. Rajamouli, also makes her more than an actor par excellence. Though Rajamouli has nothing to do with the modern Pakistani drama industry, his name is well connected with the film, theatre, and other forms of entertainment prevalent in Pakistan.

Rajamouli’s first two installments of his award-winning play ‘Kurban’, which is inspired by the life of the famous socialite, Madeeha Gauhar, and inspired by aspects of modern Pakistan society, have both won critical acclaim and awards throughout the world. Also known as ‘pakistani theatre’, this form of drama showcases strong characters, plot, music, and various innovative social themes. It has always won hearts and gained appreciation through its seamless integration of social themes, symbolism, and contemporary settings, along with a contemporary setting in which all elements are brought together.

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