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Laila Bra Size & Body Measurements

Laila (nicknamed after the flower of the same name) is a prominent actress in Telugu genre. Laila was born in Kodaikanal, a small fishing village near Chennai. Laila’s talent for acting started at a very early age, when she discovered her true passion for performing at the age of seven. Laila studied acting at R.K. cinema school in Kovalam. After that she embarked on her first successful stint at the theaters at Chennai after graduating from R.K. College.

Laila first appeared in the Indian film called Maadhipureya Ayu Vaitapeeth (The Housemaid) where she played the role of an enchantress who trained a young boy to box. She later appeared in another film called Yama (The Snake), where she again showed her capabilities in the field of acting. She later went on to appear in the Hindi movie series Maadlipure ye!, released in 2021, where she again played a leading role. Laila is currently appearing in the television drama titled Raavanan (The Pirate). Laila is not only known for her appearances in Hindi films, but also in English movies.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 32 C
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 32-24-34 Inches

Laila is currently on a three-year stint in Los Angeles as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. While in town, one can see Laila do yoga, work out at the Los Angeles Sports Center and practice her boxing skills with fellow local boxers such as Mike Stone and James Thompson. Laila earned a brown belt in Judo at the Silverado Academy in Rancho Cucamonga, California, while studying with master Bruce Hyman. Laila has continued to hone her martial arts skills and is now in talks to join the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Laila had planned on keeping her boxing career within the confines of Mexico, however, when the pay-per-view industry became lucrative, she was able to make her pay-per-view appearance in a different Latin American country. This would be in her native Brazil, in an anti-Judo pay-per-view event. Laila made an impressive start to her pay-per-view career, defeating opponents such as Felipe Frolic, Ruben Beltran, and Diego Brandao, but failed to gain a fight against either Yuliano dos Anjos or Joanna Maravilla. After these two bouts, it was clear that Laila needed a stiff competition, and thus she decided to challenge Brazilian Juicy Couture star Joanna Santana for the vacant WBC featherweight title.

Laila is a skilled striker, with a sharp eye for technique, and an explosive clinch combination. Unlike many former champions, however, Laila’s boxing skills remain raw, as she lacked the experience and training to translate her overwhelming power into a reliable striking form. Despite this, Laila did manage to score a number of wins against competent opponents, earning herself some belt experience before her first official MMA bout. In her first appearance as an eliminator, Laila knocked out Sarah Nicole affairs, though her subsequent fights did not prove to be particularly fruitful. Nevertheless, Laila retained her title in her next MMA bout, against Randao Lechterzano, and she’s since gone on to win four more world titles.

Laila’s next MMA outing will be a clash against fellow Brazilian title contender Ronda Versace, also known as “Theenchigia”. The bout will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and will take place on July 4th at the Autorama Stadium. Laila is not expected to face much trouble with Versace, as she has been steadily building up some big name Brazilian jiu jitsu opponents over the past few years. Laila is scheduled to face top ranked opponent Yancy Meder before the end of the year, though the bout won’t mark the end of Laila’s road to stardom in the MMA. She’s scheduled to headline the Pepsi Sports Max Presents: Knockout at the HSBC Grand Prix in London in September.

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