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Samiksha Bra Size & Body Measurements

Samiksha Biography Samiksha refers to the legendary queen of the north, also known as “Odissi”, better known as “Taj Mahal”. Sameer Singh, more commonly referred to as Samiksha, was an Indian movie and theatre star. She’s portrayed a myriad of characters in different movies and series, in multiple languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and Hindi. In recent times, Samiksha has gained a lot of popularity not only in India but around the world as well.

Samiksha is described by the dictionary as a huge, elephant-headed female figure, wearing a white silk sari. The name originates from Sanskrit work “Sami” meaning thousand and “sakhi” meaning art. Indian literature has many references to this figure from both the old and the new era. According to one mythological story, when the Taj Mahal was being built by the emperor Shah Jahan of the Mughal dynasty, a bird named Samiksha swooped into the palace and pecked the mausoleum till it was ruined. Another version says that Samiksha used a thread to pull down the mausoleum, which got stuck inside it.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 23 Inches
Hips Size 32 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-23-32 inches

Samiksha literally means thousand garlands. It’s one of the five Earth-Shattering Garlands of Power. Sameer Singh was born in 1819 in Alwar, Rajasthan, and was calling Samritha by her people. Some historians say that Samiksha had a son named Dilbhus who was famous in his day. Samiksha was one among the first generation of women to join the Indian armed forces during the 19th century.

From all accounts it is believed that Samiksha was given this name because of her enormous bra size and wide girth. According to some legends she had been given this name by her son Dilbhus who was extremely fond of hunting. The legend says that he offered her a boon, but she declined it, telling him that she would marry whoever gave her the most pleasure. Dilbhus was then given the task of measuring Samiksha’s life. Some say he measured her through foot and hand measurements and compared her with other great sages of their time, such as Vasco Da Gama and Yoga guru Maharishi Patanjali.

Samiksha’s measurement was found to be exactly 13 bras instead of her previously stated figure of 13 wives. After this discovery her story was immortalized in the movie, Mother India. The next sages to measure Samiksha’s life were her son Dilbhus and his son Vaskar. It is said that both of them measured her personally and found her to be much larger than previously thought.

Samiksha biographies do not mention where exactly these two men got the knowledge of her enormous size. However, some historians have surmised that it could be either through her marriage to Vasco Da Gama or perhaps through studying Yoga. Either way both men were exceptionally blessed in many ways and it is no surprise that they sought to understand her life to the fullest. After all no man will be satisfied with just knowing the size of his wife.

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