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Sakshi Tanwar Bra Size & Body Measurements

Sakshi Tanwar is a prominent personality of Indian Screening. Born in 1913, she was a daughter of toddling and her mother, who was an accomplished writer. After the marriage of her father to Vrinda Dincin Sikri, her mother passed away and Sakshi Tanwar followed in her footsteps. She joined the Army as a teenager and rose to be one of the best known and admired personalities of British India. Her early performances were influenced by her love for literature and in her later years she displayed her talent for acting, and began a prolific career that spanned four decades.

Sakshi Tanwar’s first biographer, H J B Shelva wrote a flattering biography on her in 1947. The book described Sakshi as a ‘shy, delicate figure – with a touch of mysticism’. She never disclosed her real name but was referred to as Vrinda Dincin. Barshara Samant was another biographer who wrote about Sakshi in her famous book called Satya Sakshi.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements  34 Р27 Р34 Inches

In the late thirties the then King of England conferred honor upon Sakshi on the occasion of Republic Day. Thereafter the name of Sakshi Tanwar did not become a common word. Some time in the sixties she became one of the most popular and well recognized actresses of her time. Barshara Samant described her as looking ‘ladylike’ and wrote that she had ‘no curves’. Sakshi Tanwar’s body measurements in this era were often compared to those of Bette Midler, with both of them being considered ‘thin’.

It was during the late fifties or early sixties that Sakshi Tanwar made the decision to reveal her real identity. It was rumored that she decided to disclose her identity to relieve the pressures of increasing criticism and add some much needed spice to her acting career. This was a big decision as her acting career was at an all time low. This biographer also reported that Sakshi refused to do any more Indian movies in this era as the directors preferred to cast ‘Indian-speaking’ actresses instead.

It is alleged that Sakshi was not happy with the way her body measurements had been treated by the film industry. The film industry did not permit her to do many Hindi films. Sakshi, however, refused to give up or lose interest in her acting career even when times got tough for her. Barshara Samant, in her book called Satya Sakshi, quoted Sakshi saying ‘I have always been flattered and the way I was treated in the beginning was really bad. But, now that I am older and have achieved so much in my acting career, I am happy that I did not give up because I have my own books and do not think about it any more’.

It is interesting to note that the size or height of an actress is often more important to the producers as opposed to the size of her personality or performance. Sakshi Tanwar has been portrayed as an average looking female character in most of her films. She was not really a shrinking violet but was more than just a petite woman. Perhaps Barshara Samant was correct when she wrote that the way in which Sakshi Tanwar presented herself was not representative of true Indian womanhood.

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