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Rekha Bra Size & Body Measurements

Born in Kerala, India, Rekha was raised in a conservative household and was made to wear traditional Saree when she began attending school. At the age of thirteen she started to show signs of personality disorder that resulted in Rekha rejecting all forms of western fashion and culture. At the age of sixteen she began to perform sensual dance for money which earned her the attention of a then famous Malayalam director. She then moved in with him and fell in love with him, but he did not reciprocate. Instead, Rekha secretly tried to seduce other men in order to earn money for the family.

Rekha has also gone through many changes in her appearance, as time has passed. Initially, she was described as having large breasts, but in her early career photos, Rekha shows off a much smaller bra size. In many photos taken for magazines during the late sixties, Rekha shows her small bra size to prove to photographers that she can look good in a bra and also shows her intelligence. Rekha’s looks have also improved, as evidenced by the number of film roles she has been cast for, and also by the multiple duets she has performed with eminent male actors.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-28-34 Inches

The Rekha Biography continues with Rekha’s marriage to an affluent Indian businesswoman. Within a short time Rekha developed very poor self image due to the negative attention that was showered upon her by her new husband. In her mind she must have felt she had become less than attractive, and also that her body had become wrinkled due to her new marriage and occupation. For many women, this is the main cause for developing a self-esteem or low self esteem, and Rekha knew she had to do something about her appearance if she wanted to attract a new husband.

Rekha started undergoing traditional treatments in an effort to improve her appearance. She tried to hide her bra size with old Indian attires, and even tried to fit into pants made from silk. Rekha was successful in reducing her bra size to a size where it was barely noticeable, but this was not good enough for many women, as their low self esteem made them feel unattractive even with the reduction in size.

The Rekha Biography continues with Rekha’s marriage to an American man. This was not a marriage which Rekha entered into with the sole intention of getting her bra size reduced, but she had also studied yoga and other Eastern teachings. Rekha became very committed to both her religious and physical pursuits and even tried to dedicate some of her time to studying conversational hypnosis. Rekha found this interesting as it is a subject which has been researched by experts for some time and has proven to be a great method for many women to increase their levels of confidence, and self esteem. Rekha’s husband was supportive of Rekha’s new hobby and even bought Rekha a book on the subject. Rekha was able to use conversational hypnosis to change the way her husband treated her, and she began to feel more at ease in her new surroundings.

Rekha finally felt happy that she had finally achieved the success that she had always hoped for. She felt beautiful and learned that even though her bra size was important, it was not the determining factor which prevented Rekha from living an excellent life. Rekha’s story is a positive example for women who may have been turned away from achieving success because of their size and may want to explore the possibility that they can be helped by using a similar method of change. Rekha’s story can give hope to many women and prove that bra size should not be an excuse for failure. Rekha did not rely on her bra size to make her happy, but she did apply herself diligently to find a method of change which would help her achieve the happiness that she so desperately needed.

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