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Madhuri Dixit Bra Size & Body Measurements

Madhuri Dixit is a leading personality among the Indian Bollywood actresses. She has acted in some very famous films and her stature has been established over the last few decades. Madhuri Dixit is a first year school drop out student who continues to act till she comes to college. She has gained considerable fame in the field of Bollywood. She began as an actress with some small role in the late nineteen sixty’s in Madhuri Dixit Biography. After that she was a regular in Madhuri Dixit’s Biography series.

Madhuri Dixit height is 54 years of age, she is of medium height and weighs sixty-five pounds. Madhuri Dixit physique is voluptuous and has no fat deposits around the body. Madhuri Dixit body measurements before her marriage to Ajith in the late nineteen sixty’s were quite normal. In fact Madhuri Dixit has never had any sort of weight problem during that period. Her height and weight are a result of her being naturally very tall with good muscle tone and very slim.

Bra Size 34 C
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-26-35 inches

Madhuri Dixit weight is Madhuri Dixit’s actual weight as well as her BMI, in Madhuri Dixit Biography book it is mentioned that Madhuri Dixit used to go by the weigh chart given to her by her mother, which could not be trusted at all. Recently Madhuri Dixit has lost weight and she has been exercising on a regular basis. At the time of her marriage to Ajith in the late nineteen sixty’s Madhuri Dixit had a regular weight of only eleven pounds and she was well under the weight scale for a normal female. However in Madhuri Dixit biography it says that Madhuri Dixit used to measure her body measurements with a special tape measure which measured her waist size. She always measured her waist size exactly and never exceeded the measurement. When asked about the reasons for losing weight, Madhuri Dixit says that she felt better when she lost weight and that it enabled her to live a fuller life.

According to Madhuri Dixit the only person who ever complimented her was her mother who used to do so many exercises for Madhuri which made her lose weight. Madhuri Dixit has used different clothes depending upon the occasion according to Madhuri Dixit Biography and in her case cloths used to be tight as compared to other occasion dresses. Her garments also had a very unique design which Madhuri Dixit felt was very feminine and attractive. The Madhuri Dixit biographies mention that Madhuri Dixit likes to shop online as well as offline and she even travels a lot.

Madhuri Dixit was married to Ajith Dixit in 1969 and they have two daughters named Bhagya and Anita. Madhuri Dixit Biography states that Madhuri Dixit once lived in a bungalow in Mumbai called the “Shri Mahalasa”. She has mentioned that this was in the seventies where she had begun to do Pilates and yoga. Madhuri Dixit was also a very good swimmer and was always proud of her body.

Madhuri Dixit was married to Abanindra in 1977 and they had four daughters. She is also said to have worked with the director and writer Shimit Amin in one of their films. Madhuri Dixit is currently active and has been very active in charity work. In fact Madhuri Dixit Biography mentions that Madhuri Dixit loves her mother very much and she has always given her heart to her mother. Madhuri Dixit has always been open about her mother’s illness and has tried her level best to make sure that her mother got well.

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