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Olive Borden Bra Size & Body Measurements

Olive Borden was an American actor who played different characters throughout her acting career. She rose to fame in the nineteen sixties and seventies as a leading lady in a series of movies, but suffered from chronic ailments in the later part of her career. She was also nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in The Man Who Played Go For It (1956), As Good As It Gets (1958), To Kill a Mocking Bird (1961) and She Loves Me (1961). Her many awards, both Academy and Globes, included Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actor in a Leading Role and Best Selling Actress in a Leading Role.

Olive’s best-known role was in Disney’s animated hit, Dora the Explorer. She played the character of Boots, an adventuresome young boy who teams up with a girl called joy girl in order to save his village from a wicked witch. She was a major part in the movie and even received an Oscar nomination for it. Olive’s other famous film roles include Dabney Coleman’s The Secret Life of Bees (both films starring Meg Ryan), Grease (both starring Eddie Murphy), Schoolgirl (with Denholm Elliott), Patches o’clock (with John Tutturro), Pretty Woman (with Cher) and Pretty Woman II (with Susan Sarandon).

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-24-34 Inches

Olive’s early life and career are related to her marriage to Richard Burton, which was arranged as part of a publicity stunt. They were married for fourteen years, and when they split, she continued to live with Burton and their three daughters, essentially raising them alone. After her marriage to Burton, Olive was busy making movies, and she rarely attended any of her son’s baseball games because she was concentrating on producing her own movies.

Olive earned her first major break after her marriage to Burton when her acting skills were discovered during a production of Cats. This is when she decided to concentrate on creating comical movies, and her feature debut was The Mystery of Living Alone. Her other two films that feature Olive were Something For Nothing (with George Peppard) and Love Actually (with Patrick Swayze). In each of these films, Olive played the role of a Joy Girl, and this was how she came to be known as a “Joy-Girl”. She also appeared in a number of comedies throughout her adult life, including Bring on the Night, Pretty Woman, A Changeling, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Olive’s other notable film roles include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Sheena Rose and Bill Murray’s Cast Away.

Olive’s most well-known role would have to be in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in which she plays a young woman named Jill Valentine, who ends up getting zapped by a radiation beam. Olive’s radiant skin and gentle mannerisms make this a memorable part of her career, even though it isn’t exactly what people would normally expect from a star known for her scowling and moody persona. Olive’s role in this film is just one of many, however, and it is clear that her acting talent is still on the rise. She has also worked with some of the best directors in Hollywood, namely Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg, whom she has worked with on such movies as Amadeus, Leave Her to Die, and Carlito’s Way. Her work ethic and personal charm are also what have helped her to be able to make such an extended career in movies; she is currently up for an award for her contribution to the film, Anastasia Steele.

Olive’s love of cats led her to a career in writing, and in 1984 she published her first novel entitled My Lovin’ Pup. Although the novel did not receive a great deal of attention when it was first published, it did receive a lot more after the publication went out of print. It was later discovered that Olive had written the novel while in rehabilitation for alcoholism, and many people seemed to identify with the story of a former pleasure girl and cat lover who were now trapped in the burdens of addiction. After that, a whole series of short stories were set in Hollywood, chronicling the lives of two women: Olive and her friend Pat. The success of these films led to further interest in the life of Olive Borden, and several biographical books were written about her, most notably My Lovin’ Cup, which was made into a motion picture of the same name.

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