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Meghana Raj Bra Size & Body Measurements

Meghana Raj is an actress of Karnatagar located in India. Meghana is best known for her spell-binding acting abilities, her physique and her acting skills. Meghana’s physique has won several modeling competitions across the world. Meghana Raj is married to a Mr. Soman. Meghana Raj was born in Indore, India and is of Bengali descent.

Meghana Raj has appeared in several films and has been awarded multiple honors for her acting skills. Meghana has also won several Golden Globes for her exemplary performances. Meghana is currently shopping for a house in her native town of Meghalaya and is enjoying a great deal of success as an actress and model. Meghana Raj has two sisters and one brother. The youngest of Meghana’s sisters is Meghana Rajah, who is studying to be a doctor while her elder sister is pregnant with her first child.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34 Р26 Р34 Inches

Meghana Raj is popular among both the Indian audience and foreign viewers because of her cute physical features, which include blue eyes, light brown skin tone and dark brown curly hair. Meghana Raj’s body became famous after appearing in some well known Tamil movies like “Mankatha” and “Arundhati”. Meghana Raj’s acting abilities were noticed right at the age of 14 when she appeared in an animated film “Chak De! Hindi”.

Meghana Raj is an active member of the Bollywood film industry in India. She has therefore managed to establish a strong name in the international film industry. Meghana Raj is known for her appearances in some of the most popular tamil and kishu movies that were released in India and throughout the world.

Meghana Raj is also known for her excellent portfolio in the field of photoshoot. Meghana Raj was also the person responsible for selecting the photoshoot costume of Sushmita Sen for the Hindi version of the Disney film “uvjamma”. Meghana Raj is also known for selecting the outfits of Meghalaya Government school students for the school assembly process of “Killing”. Meghana Raj is also good friends with Anushka Shetty, who is an accomplished personality both on the stage and in the movies.

Meghana Raj was born in Meghalaya (also commonly referred to as Indian Punjab) but she has lived in India most of her 31 years. Meghana Raj has made a huge name in the Indian film industry through her performances and accolades in the various film industry award ceremonies. Meghana Raj has a wonderful singing voice, which is capable of attracting a huge audience. Meghana Raj is one of the best known actresses from the state of Meghalaya. Meghana Raj’s real name is Meghalaya Ranjit Singh.

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