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Mala Sinha Bra Size & Body Measurements

Mala Sinha Biography is a unique example of Indian literature. Born as Mala Sinha in Kolkata, India in 1270, she is an award winning actor who has acted in Indian films like Bhumika in West Side Up, Jai Nimes in Beezid, Kasti in Kasti Dinnan in Bhumika, Venna in Laxman and many more. Mala Sinha later went on to act in television serials, stage plays and films. She has gone on to appear in English-language movies made in Pakistan.

Mala Sinha’s real name is Nepali Sundaram, the name she was given at birth. But according to some biographers and other sources, she was commonly known as Mala Malini, or simply Mina. Some sources say that her original name was Sundaram but this is probably due to her casting as the mother in some Bengali movies. In fact, Sundaram is the common name of most children in Bengali movies and is a common first name for a female child in any community in India.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

As a woman artiste, Mala Sinha did not have many opportunities in the early days, as the film industry in India was largely dominated by men. She was an acclaimed dancer in Bengal and appeared in some minor movies, but was never able to break into the Indian film industry. She did not, however, let that define her. She rose to prominence after being discovered by an American film director during the early 1950s, during the height of British colonial rule in India. She was discovered after her performance at an open theatre in Kolkata and was immediately cast as one of the lead characters in the Hindi movie “Singham”, which was directed by Kamal Amrohi.

Mala Sinha did not find it easy to be a leading character in an ever-competitive film industry. She was often cast in secondary roles and her role in “Kishore Kumar” (in which she plays the girlfriend of a much more ambitious man), demonstrates the complexity of being an actress in Bollywood. She was also very much aware of the expectations of being an actress. “Singham” was one of the few films in Bollywood where she plays a secondary protagonist, and in this film she is not only played by an accomplished actress, but by an acclaimed writer as well. The film depicts Mala Sinha’s struggle to balance the priorities of her life with those of her career and she is depicted as a person who knows how to balance both with consummate ease.

During the mid-19th century, when the profession of actress was looked at as inferior to the profession of writer and director, Mala Sinha had a hard time. Even with the support of her mother, she continued to work in the minarets and was often scorned by the men in her life for being ‘frivolous’. But her eye for talent and her determination to prove herself did not pay off in her career. She was often sidelined and was forced to try out for smaller roles, even playing a minor role in some lesser known movies. When her career was finally going stale, she realised that her career path was not going in the direction that she wanted and changed her mind about changing careers.

After taking some small acting lessons, Mala Sinha was signed by Rajkumar Kohli as he had first worked together in a cinema hall in Delhi. With Kohli’s help, Sinha began to develop her talents and Rajkumar Kohli’s physique gave way to some really good body measurements that have made her an attractive and admirable actor in Bollywood. Her body proportions and grace are what have made her such a formidable personality in the industry and has also helped her in getting roles that other actresses with ‘normal’ body proportions would have been unable to get. Rana Daggar, Naveen Kaushik and Sharukh Kulkari are few notable actresses who once worked with Mala Sinha. With her varied acting experience and Bollywood career guide, she is definitely the favorite amongst the fans and all eyes are on Mala Sinha these days.

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