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Geetu Mohandas Bra Size & Body Measurements

Geetu Mohandas Biography is a fictional character created by the great Indian writer VS Naipaul in his book Crossing the river in Thar. Geetu Mohandas was born as Sailraj in Mangalore in the state of Karnataka and educated at a private boarding school and later at the Presidency University in Delhi. While studying he discovered the various complexities of Indian marriage system and how the caste system plays into the whole system of arranged marriages in India. It then became evident that all such marriages that we know today are the outcome of a set of social conventions that have evolved through time. Such conventions however need to be carefully studied to understand their origin and implications.

The author examines the dimensions of women in Indian society and how these social conventions have evolved to create certain dimensions of womanhood that are still relevant today. The size of a woman and the significance of her in the family, the society and the life of a nation have always been a central consideration in the minds of men and women alike. The size of the Indian woman therefore has always been a pivotal feature of the caste system and has remained so till this day. The size of a woman however would not have remained as such if it were not for Geetu Mohandas.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-28-35 Inches

Geetu Mohandas’ writing is informative and entertaining. Her lively writing style and casual approach makes it easy to read. She takes care to describe various aspects in a simple way without going into unnecessary detail. She is also a very good listener, which allows you to put your questions to her. I found that the writer was thorough and detailed in her description of subjects she described but didn’t go into so much detail that I felt lost in the descriptions. She has a wonderful way with words and one can sense the enjoyment she had while writing about such topics.

The main thrust of Geetu Mohandas Biography is the story of her personal experiences and how she came to write it. She was brought up in a conservative family in the Jharkhand region of India where size did not figure into any social discussion and girls were neither showered with gifts nor encouraged to be sexually promiscuous. However, her memories of her early years in this rural region of India can only be described as harrowing. It was a period where her mother, father and sisters would be separated by an iron rod placed between them for protection. As a result Geetu was never able to see her beloved cousins and her sisters because of this reason.

After graduating from college in economics she decided to enter Missiology in Delhi University in order to pursue her degree in this field. What was to prove a turning point in her life was a personal encounter with the legendary writer VS Naipaul when she was volunteering at his ashram in Rajasthan. The writer was immensely impressed by the resilient woman who displayed courage in accepting her disability and following her dreams. This was to launch her career as a writer who was committed to fighting the size problem through writing and therefore contributed immensely towards empowering women of various sizes.

It was also during this time that Geetu began to travel extensively around the country. These tours would help her in building upon her Indian education and also discover the richness of the local cultures. While in different cities across India she tried to talk to women about size issues and found that they had many similar concerns and issues. The real issue was that there was very little that they could do since the topic was not spoken about socially in their homes. Geetu’s mission was to bring this subject to the attention of common woman across India and make her dreams come true.

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