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Anuradha Mehta Bra Size & Body Measurements

Anuradha Mehta was born in 1796 in the city state of Rajasthan, India. Anuradha is best known for her biographical work ‘The Gods of Love’ and ‘The Divine Maid’. She was married to King Gautama Buddha in Jataka story ‘The Prince’s Letters’ and dedicated to Him. Her biographer Venkataram describes her as a rare personality, full of compassion and wisdom, as well as being loving, compassionate and thoughtful.

Anuradha Mehta was cremated on the 8th day of April in the presence of her husband, friends and family. Autopsy tests reveal that she had been smothered by an unknown male person. Though she was buried without a coffin, her body was exhumed and found to contain a high amount of radioactive material in her remains. This evidence points to either a male or female vampire. Since it is a common practice for vampires to feed upon the blood of living people, the possibility of an unidentified male matching the characteristics of Anuradha Mehta, Lord of Yoga and the divine feminine is highly probable.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-34 Inches

Based on the Anuradha Mehta’s personal writings, it is established beyond reasonable doubt that Anuradha Mehta was, indeed, the divine feminine. A number of her poems depict her as an extremely beautiful woman with long flowing hair and a sultry, sexy appeal. As the name suggests, yoga greatly helps in keeping one fit and trim, and as a result Anuradha Mehta was a very active person. It can therefore be concluded that she must have used yoga as a way of staying fit during her lifetime and after her death.

Based on Anuradha Mehta’s clothing measurements, it is believed that she was approximately twenty-four inches in height, weighing in at nearly seventy pounds. Her clothing is described as flowing and sensuous, with intricate carvings on her bodice and ornately decorated neckline. Many of her garments were embroidered with her name and the message “Anuradha was here”. The exact length of Anuradha Mehta’s dark hair is also uncertain, but it is generally believed that she was at least six feet in length. Based on other evidence that supports this conclusion, Anuradha Mehta could easily have been a woman who stood at least six feet tall, and who was in the height range of eighteen to twenty-two inches in height.

There are many places that are mentioned in the Anuradha Mehta Biography, most of which are places that she frequented during her lifetime. These places include; her native village of Kashi in Assam, which are near the Buddhist temple of Stupasana in Ubud, and where she worked as an artisan until she was eighty-seven years of age. Narasaraopet, where she attended college for two years, and where she would often visit is described as being a place where she would sit under a palm tree reading poems. This is one of the few descriptions of the places where Anuradha Mehta spent time. The descriptions of other places are more generalized.

Anuradha Mehta is described as being extremely lazy and a recluse, both of which would fit in with her description of being a recluse as described in the narasaraopet manuscript. Her weight at death was preliminarily sixty-seven pounds, which matches the weight that the literary critics assigned to her based on the time period in which she lived. It is estimated that the size of Anuradha Mehta’s physique was reasonably average for her age in this era. Her body measurements at death were consistent with the descriptions of slender figures given earlier in this article in terms of an extremely small waist for women in their late thirties, medium sized waists for women in their forties, and large waists or slack at the hips for women in their forties.

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